Amazin' Raisin

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Amazin' Raisin first started out as a completely different series that Cyberote worked on for a short time. Only three episodes were made before returning to Zufadt with episode 21, Fallout. Enraged about this, Amazin' decided to track down Kevyn and Ross in their own show and confront them about stealing his spotlight. Amazin' then proceeded in leaving Cybercappy Productions, but continuted to try and stop Kevyn and Ross from behind the scenes in Zufadt The Movie. He kidnapped Kevyn and took him to Old Pappy's Ranch and later sent Vony to sabotage their Gwiz-Fly in Gwiz City.

In December 2011, Amazin' had a talk with Cybercappy Productions. Words, terms and agreements were thrown back and forth. Eventually, Amazin' agreed to become a character on Zufadt Random Town again in hopes that it would help him regain his former glory.