Fireball Monster

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ZRT Ep. 23

The Fireball Monsters came from a strange lighter that Kevyn bought from an unknown store. Meant to be used to start a campfire, one of the Fireball Monsters was sacrificed, enraging the others. Knowing they couldn't take down Kevyn and Ross on their own, the five Fireballs fled and came up with an attack plan. In hiding, they began to multiply until they had a small militia. Apparently, the militia was so powerful that they drove Kevyn, Ross, Mr. Jay, Sam, Big Liam and even Vony into the old Zufadt event building, killing Kevyn's new kitten in the process.


The Fireball militia fused into one entity.

Some hours after the Fireballs had driven the Zufadtians into hiding, they were assaulted by what Kevyn thought was a tank full of water, but was really a stolen motorcycle gas tank. In the resulting explosion, the even bigger Fireball militia were all fused together to create a single giant, more powerful, blue fireball. When all hope was seemingly lost, Chief Executive executed his Rain Dance and wiped out the evil fireball once and for all.