French Guy
French Guy

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ZRT Ep. 14

The French Guy first appeared in the Season 2 episode and claimed to be Kevyn's father. This continues on throughout the episodes and he seems to have a mental problem. Not only does he claim to be his father, but also his friend and secret lover even though Kevyn turns him down on all of his claims. Kevyn eventually just gives up and accepts the French Guy as his father figure.

Family/Friend Life:

The French Guys only noted family seems to be Kevyn and his sister. Kevyn also seems to be his friend, along with Mega Salmon and Ross.

Personal Stuffs:

The French Guy seems to be homosexual for his claimed son, Kevyn. Nobody is quite clear what his exact desired relation with Kevyn is. Is it father, friend or boyfriend? Nobody knows!

He also seems to be racially confused about himself. It is clear upon his stereotypical French striped shirt, beret and fancy moustache that he is French. Though he calls himself Chinese and Kevyn calls him Japanese, Nicholas is the only person who has ever gotten it right. He's FRENCH!!!

He seriously believes that Kevyn is his own flesh and blood and he's been bugging Kevyn to go with him to get a DNA testing. Though Kevyn keeps refusing, the French Guy keeps asking. Why can't he just let it go?

In Zvanzig:

3 years after Zufadt Random Town, French Guy lives alone in his abode in Zufadt. He has since grown out his hair a bit.