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ZRT Ep. 9

A fisherman and a psycho mobster, Makoto lived his life carefully, yet on the edge. When he got his girlfriend pregnant in the 90's, he didn't know what to do. He stayed with her and his newborn son, Nicholas for about 5 years and couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to go back to his life of crime and wealth, so he left his girlfriend to care for young Nicholas all alone.

Blood Money

Makoto was involved in many forms of gambling. One man in particular didn't meet Makoto's deadline, so death was imminent. Upon murdering the man who owed him money, Makoto caught sight of Kevyn urinating in the woods. Makoto became paranoid and wondered if Kevyn had heard anything and if he was going to report it. Not taking any chances, Makoto decided to strike.

Kevyn was stalked for a whole day by Makoto. When Kevyn was finally secluded alone once more, he was silenced by a machete to the gut. Slain in cold blood, Kevyn was thrown into the mouth of the nearest river.

Kidnapping Mega Salmon

Word eventually came from Makoto's ex-girlfriend and Nicholas's mother that Nicholas had disappeared and had been hanging out with Kevyn that day. Makoto was angered and confused and wondered how Kevyn was able to come back. Makoto devised a devious plan to kidnap one of Kevyn's friends to lure him into a secluded location so he could finish him off for good. Attention came to Mega Salmon. Makoto remembered seeing the two together. His plan would be put into action.

Makoto set off on his boat to the nearest lake in Zufadt. It was here than Mega Salmon was caught in his net and transported to the Dunwich Research Facility. Makoto then called Ross to inform them of Mega Salmon's whereabouts and waited for him and Kevyn to show up.


Upon Kevyn and Ross's arrival in Dunwich, Makoto attempted to murder

Makoto's head.

Kevyn once more. Little did he know that Kevyn was endowed with angelic powers. Kevyn rose once more to combat the sinister Makoto and made short work of him by decapitating him with pure energy.


  • Makoto is named after Cyberote's favorite Ninja Warrior, Makoto Nagano. They're both fishermen as well.