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Alive Again




ZRT Ep. 1

Nicholas was an old friend of Kevyn's. They knew each other even before Ross moved in. After Ross came along, however, Kevyn started ditching Nicholas to hang out with him.

Family / Friend Life:

Nicholas was born from Makoto and his girlfriend. Makoto left Nicholas at the age of 5, however and left him without a father. This hadn't really had an effect on Nicholas, for he was too young to understand what was going on. He was then raised by his mother in Zufadt.

When Nicholas started going to school, he met Kevyn. The two became friends over time as they shared similar interests including The Headband Rangers, an action-packed television show. They often went out on adventures throughout Zufadt replicating their favorite Headband Rangers episodes and moments

Purple Gem Flower:

Around 9th grade, Nicholas developed an interest in botany and rare flowers. His research into rare flowers around his location led him to search for an ancient desert flower that was known to grow in a few select locations around the world, Zufadt being one of them. Nicholas knew it wasn't going to be easy finding the flower, so he brought Kevyn with him to search for it. Though Kevyn wasn't too enthralled about it, he went with him anyway.

The two adventured out into the desert and wandered around for hours on end. They eventually stumbled upon some ancient ruins and decided to take a look inside. Much to their surprise, they found the rare flower Nicholas was looking for: the Purple Gem flower. Immediately upon picking the flower, a strange, purple glow started emminating from one of the ruins' dark corners. Unaware of what it was, the two boys fled out into the desert.

Nicholas fell short, his athsma kicking in hard. He sent Kevyn to go get help and bring him a drink. He lied in the desert for hours and hours on end until dark fell. No sign of Kevyn whatsoever. Luckily for Nicholas, he found a cactus and was able to hydrate himself with the water inside. Kevyn would have hell to pay, he thought.

Return / Death:

About a year after Kevyn left Nicholas in the desert, Nicholas came back for his soda. Kevyn instead lured him to the Emo & Cannon room of Preston and Winston's abode and tricked him into getting inside the cannon to look for a soda there. Once Nicholas was nestled inside, Kevyn shot him back into the desert where he was stung by a poisonous scorpion and died.

In Zvanzig:


Nicholas in Zvanzig

After learning about Sam's Revive-o-Matic machine, Kevyn decided to bring Nicholas back due to Ross always being at work. He ventured out into the desert to retrieve his body. The revival was a success and Nicholas was brought back to life. Nicholas forgave Kevyn for leaving him for dead and killing him and the two started hanging out again, their old friendship renewed. The only difference is that Kevyn aged whereas Nicholas did not.