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ZRT Ep. 1

Vony is a crazy creature who stalks Kevyn and Ross throughout their adventures. Nobody knows what it's motives are or where it came from.

Family / Friend Life

Vony's only known friend was Sam. The two met in the 80's when Sam moved into Zufadt and saw the purple creature. Their differences from the rest of society is what brought them to be friends. Sam gave Vony a pickle as a token of their friendship. Vony has no family that anyone knows of, though it is believed there are more of their kind elsewhere.

Stalking Zufadt

Vony saw Kevyn and Nicholas out in the desert and followed them while staying hidden. He tracked Kevyn back to Zufadt and began his awkward, random appearances throughout the neighborhood. Vony has even gone as far as knocking Kevyn and Ross out of the air as they were flying to Dunwich on a Gwiz Fly.


  • Vony is one of the characters known as IFCAns. Others include Kevyn, Draxor, Spicy and Haseo.